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Betina is a settlement on the island of Murter situated 7 km away from the bridge in Tisno – the fix connection of the island with the mainland. The settlement is located on the peninsula in the bay.

The name of the place derives from the Celtic word "bet" (mouth), which corresponds to the aspect and the position of the bay of Betina. The settlement was founded in the 16th century by the refugees from Vrana.

The Parish Church of St. Francis, built in the 17th century and enlarged several times, dominates over the village that is almost linked to the settlement of Murter nearby. The inhabitants of Betina have always been connected with the sea, which has enabled the expansion of fishing and ship-building activities, especially the construction of sport and fishing boats.

The inhabitants of Betina are well-known wine-growers, olive-growers and producers of vegetables. Rich fishing-grounds enabled the development of fishing, while shipbuilding has developed since the 18th century.

The shipyard for building bigger wooden boats was founded in the middle of the 19th century. The modern shipyard "Betina" continues this tradition and it builds and repairs the boats up to 800 tons. It is particularly known for its sport and fishing boats both for local and foreign markets. Betina is a picturesque tourist place, well-known for its beaches. Accommodation is available in family houses and camps. The nautical port is located in the centre of the settlement’s harbour.